Thursday, September 13, 2012

Entering Double Digits: 10 Months Old!

It has been a busy month for Harrison!  He is developing into such a big boy and its official:  WE HAVE A WALKER!  Harrison took his first "steps" awhile back, but within the past week or so he has decided to quit messing around and take off.  It began with 4 steps, then 8.  Last night he decided to walk out of his bedroom and down the hall.  Daniel and I just stood there and watched him.  Looking a little like a drunken man with a load in his pants, Harrison waddled his way down the hall pausing briefly to pick up a toy.  He is becoming more and more comfortable on his legs every day and has started turning directions and stooping down without toppling over.  Other physical advancements this month include him learning how to crawl up onto the couch and onto our bed.

Time to move up another shelf!

Harrison's taste buds are also developing.  He has decided that he no longer likes baby food (except for the sweet potatoes) and his high chair is becoming a "table food only zone"  Harrison's way of telling us that he's over the baby food business was to begin spraying it out of his mouth at us and throwing his spoon on the floor.  Some of Harrison's new favorites include peaches, strawberry and banana chunks, tortillas, cheese, crackers and Gerber's Maple Cinnamon Crunchies.  I emphasize the crunchies simply because he will down the container in a single sitting if you allow him.  And then he smells like a pancake, its wonderful :)  He has become more and more interested in using the spoon himself and has started to self-feed this way as well. Harrison is also mastering using a sippy cup.  This has been a little bit of a struggle for us simply because he would rather chew on the sippy cup than drink from it.  After buying several different cups (from the most popular to the "orthodontic approved") it was the cheap plastic one from Cub that he decided was the perfect fit.  Who knew.

Spitting is fun
We are still continuing our work on sign language, but I will admit it has been slow-going and there have been many times I've wanted to throw in the towel.  I'm not sure if it just takes a long time or if Harrison just doesnt care, but we have been working with "eat" "milk" and "more" for a few months now and we havent gotten anything in response yet.  He does know the words "eat" and "milk" now however and will respond accordingly when he hears them :)

A few months ago Harrison decided he would be a "paci baby."  Daniel and I have worked really hard to ensure that he only uses it in his crib during naps or at night.  I know it is his way of soothing himself to sleep as he keeps it in for about 10 minutes and it falls out until morning when he finds it while waiting for Mommy or Daddy to get him.  We must be getting the point across to him because all it takes now is "Paci stays in the crib Harrison..." and he will take it out of his mouth and drop it in his crib. Yay!  Hopefully by staying on top of it we will be able to easily replace it with a blankie or stuffed animal once he is old enough.

Speaking of blankets, Harrison has decided he will be a "blankie baby" too.  Anything soft and fuzzy in his hands causes him to bring his thumb into his mouth and roll up into a ball.  And by anything, I truly mean anything.  If he finds one of his socks on the floor that is all it takes.  Most recently while shopping at Target, he reached out of the cart, grabbed onto a sweater on a hanger and curled up with his thumb in his mouth.  Silly boy :)

Something fuzzy!

Playing in the ball pit at day care

In Other News:

Harrison had his first few days at daycare.  He had a blast while Mommy cried.  He did develop a cold after his first day, but he has been handling it very well and seems to be on the up-swing.

Harrison is becoming quite the helper when it comes to getting dressed and removing his clothes.  He is also getting better at leaving his shoes on!

We are getting very close to losing our 2nd nap.  Sigh.

Harrison loves walking with his train and running into Dada.  He finds it hilarious to "boom" into him.

Happy 10 Months Harrison!  We love you!