Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Party!

On November 10th we celebrated Harrison's first birthday with a party at the New Brighton Community Center.  We decided to go with a baseball themed party, thinking that it would be easier to do than something character-based (i.e. Bob the Builder) That turned out not to be the case thanks to Pinterest!  A huge, huge thank you goes out to my sister Emily who used her artistic talent to help me with the amazing invitations, decorations and most importantly, the set-up!  I realized once again that I am not a party planner, nor do I really enjoy the stress that accompanies it.  Thank you to everyone who helped get everything set up in time (and taken down at the end!)  

Harrison's party invitation

We decided to have a hot dog bar to go with our baseball theme.  We included ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, pickles, pineapple, chili and cheese.  YUM!

There is no such thing as a baseball game without cracker jacks! We weren't allowed to provide peanuts due to allergy risk, so we opted for cotton candy instead.

We chose to have our guests sign a baseball bat to be hung in Harrison's room.

The birthday boy all dressed up and ready for his guests to arrive!

Enjoying his birthday grub!

Present time!

Typical reaction to something fuzzy!
It was about this time that Harrison was getting tuckered out.  He got a little fussy during presents so it was time to reboot with a little sugar!

Not sure about the cake at first

"Mmmmm this is pretty good!"

"Okay, yes.  I like this stuff"

Carb coma.

Thankfully our room had a big kitchen sink for Harrison's impromptu Birthday Bath! I did not realize until after that t his was actually Harrison's first ever bath in a sink.  How did we go a whole year without needing to use a sink?!

Happy Birthday Harrison!

We had so much fun celebrating his birthday with you all!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bye-Bye Baby, Hello Toddler

1 year old.  Wow.  It is very common to hear parents talk about how fast the time goes by, but it really is amazing.  It seems like just last week we were bringing him home.  Yet when I take the time to think about all of the changes and "new" things we've accomplished over the last year it is easy to see how long he's been with us now.  From adjusting to his routine to sleep training, starting solids, teething, rolling, crawling, walking, talking.  It has been a very busy, but exciting year. I am very happy that I decided to document Harrison's accomplishments and stages in this blog.  While it is fun to give others a peek into our lives and keep up to date with how Harrison is doing, I find it so enjoyable to sit down every once in a while and read his story from the beginning--starting with my first post after finding out I was pregnant.  I will so greatly enjoy sharing this with him when he's older. Here is to the end of year one and the beginning of our adventures in Toddlerhood!

Weight:   22 lbs
Height:  28.25 inches
Shoe size: 5 (holy buckets!)
Diaper size: 4
Clothes size: 18 month shirts, 12 month pants -- Harrison has developed his "toddler tummy" !
Teeth: 11.  4 on top, 4 on bottom, and 3 molars.
Sleep: 11-12 hours/night.  1 nap of 1.5 hours. 2nd nap only once in a while. We like to call it "Harrison's quiet time in his crib"
Physical:  Harrison is a very strong little boy.  He is often seen carrying things around the room (a Swiffer and his bouncy chair are two of his biggest accomplishments!)
Personality:  Love bug!  Harrison loves to cuddle and sit on laps.  He is also very social with other babies and has made quite a few buddies at daycare.  Daniel and I were not surprised to hear he befriended the baby who knew how to open the doors.  Harrison is also learning more on how to make his needs (or more specifically, wants) known.  There have been a few tantrums so far and Daniel and I are getting a possible glimpse of the next few years!

First Halloween!

Favorite toys:  Crawl tubes, ball pits, push toys.  His favorite activity in particular right now is to take his toys and throw them over the top of one of his gates and yell "Uh oh!"
Other Activities:  Harrison enjoys soft cover books, swim lessons, dancing (to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and the Little Einsteins theme song), playing with the cats, being chased, and peek-a-boo. Harrison will now say "Boo" back!  Harrison also enjoys walking around with his eyes closed or walking backwards.  I guess he felt the need to mix things up a bit :)  One of my favorite Harrison activities is tickling.  This little boy is INCREDIBLY ticklish!  On a few occasions he has come and sit down in my lap and stuck his feet out at me, wanting to play "This little piggy..."


"I think I'll just take a nap while we're here..."

Blowing bubbles--well, Mommy is.
Speech:  Mama, Dada, Kitty, Bye-Bye, Uh-oh, Boo, Baby, and  "Mmmmmm" for foods he likes.  Harrison has also learned how to sign "more."  I stopped with the sign language a month or so ago, but apparently he is still picking it up from daycare! 

Sometimes one lovey isn't enough...
Foods:  Harrison would live off fruit if you let him.  His current favorites are mandarin oranges and pears.  He also loves cottage cheese, grilled cheese, turkey, and fish.  He is still avoiding all veggies unless given to him from a jar of baby food. -- Diced cooked carrots= No.  Carrots from a jar= Eats the whole thing.

Best Buds

Here is to your first year Harrison!  We love you more and more each day and are so blessed to have you in our lives. It has been a gift watching you grow over the past 12 months and we anxiously await for what you will do next!
Mama and Dada xoxo

Harrison Months 1-12