Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1 Year Ago...

As I celebrated my first birthday as a mother this past week,  I couldn't help but think about what I did for my birthday last year.  Surely it had to be something exciting. Like going out for drinks, staying up late, sleeping in the following morning, etc.  As I thought about all of this I recalled that last year for my birthday we went out to La Casita's for their late night happy hour where I enjoyed 1 beer and we called it a night early and headed home.  I remember feeling so tired that I couldn't even bring myself to celebrate.  As it was, I would find out just 4 days later that I was pregnant.  Exactly 1 year ago today.

While it is not as grand and exciting as a 1st birthday, I cant help but feel a small celebration and reminiscence is appropriate.  Thinking back on my first reactions when I saw that second blue line, telling Dan the test was positive, demanding that he go buy me more pregnancy tests because I couldn't seem to believe the first one.  Those first few days after finding out seem like just yesterday.  But oh how things have changed.  I spent this evening laying on a blanket with Harrison, snuggling him, hugging him, kissing him, tickling him, and listening to him talk and giggle at me.  I still can't believe how lucky I am.  In one short year I have gone from living life day-to-day to "Mommy". I have transitioned from going out most weekends and sleeping in late, to weekends in and getting up early.  While there are some days that I'd love to sleep in past 7, I've realized that there is nothing as amazing and more precious than seeing that boy's smile. These days I'm loving nothing more than laying on the floor snuggling my baby.  Even when he smells like poop :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

3 Month Update!

I can't believe it has already been 3 months since this little munchkin-- "munch" for short -- came into our lives.  Looking back at the pictures from his birth, its amazing to me how much he has grown in just 12 short weeks. He is very quickly becoming his own little man. 

It has been a busy time for our little family, getting out and about has been really important to keeping my sanity!  I'm still at home with Harrison during the day and we've definitely settled into a routine.  Playdates and mini excursions have kept us both from getting too bored.  It was hard for me to admit at first, but newborns are fun for about 30% of the day. This 30% consists of feeding, talking, tickling, singing, bathing and playing with toys.  The other 70% of the day involves poop and staring at eachother.  As Harrison is getting a little older he is becoming much more of a participant in our playtime and conversations which has made the days much more enjoyable for us both!
Napping with Daddy
Harrison is most definitely a baby that needs to be entertained.  Not one to play with his toys on his own, he wants your constant involvement by making faces and singing in weird voices to him.  Sometimes just being in his sightline is enough.  Sometimes.  That being said, I can immediately tell when Harrison gets to the "okay mom, please leave me alone for a little bit" time.  I know this because of his dead-pan stare :)  We've started to encourage him to play with his toys on his own by lying next to him, but waiting for him to initiate play himself.
The more toys, the merrier
He has become quite the chatterbox.  Daniel and I love listening to him talk, sometimes it sounds like he is signig to us! Harrison is now talking to all of his toys, his newest "friend" is his new mobile in the crib (yes, you read that right! He is FINALLY in his crib!!)  I was really nervous about making any changes to his bedroom routine and therefore put off transitioning him from his bassinett to the crib for a long time.  It wasnt until I woke up one morning and saw Harrison smushed against the side of the bassinett with nowhere to move that I realized the time had come.  All of my worrying was for nothing, I'm not sure he's even noticed he is not in the bassinet anymore.

One thing that I'm starting to realize is that I'm a very concerned mother when it somes to safety.  That may be an understatement.  The bumper pads were converted into a blanket (thanks again, auntie Emily!), I freak out when someone tries to put his carrier on furniture when he's in it, the sight of somone bottle-propping THEIR OWN baby makes my palms sweat and I still poke him everytime I wake up in the middle of the night to make sure he's still breathing.  Oy.  I had thought these reactions would calm once he got a little older, but that doesnt seem to be happening.  Poor kiddo is going to have a nut for a mother :)

In other news, Harrison has mastered the art of raising one of his eyebrows.  Just like his Daddy.  I call this his "you fools" look.  There's definte judgement in that look!  He's also very very very close to rolling over without assistance.  Right now we're stuck at the half-roll.  This consists of 1) Roll onto  side 2) Get stuck  3) Get angry  4) Cry  5) Be rolled by mommy onto back again  6) Repeat.  Just a little more momentum and he should get it!    Harrison has also discovered his toes.  While sitting in his Bumbo chair the other day, a look of concern came across his face (complete with head-tilt to the side) as he stared at his wiggling toes.  Then a lightbulb went off and he seemed to make the connection that they belonged to him.  He's now obsessed with his  toes :)

3 Months